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Genitally Herpes and Its Cure – When is the Mystery Going to Get Solved ?

Genital herpes is a common and sexually transmitted disease which affects man and women both. Symptoms of this condition include itching, pain and sores around your genital area. But you may not have sign and symptoms. If infected, you can still pass this virus to others during sexual activities. This STD causes herpetic sores which are painful blisters that break open and ooze fluid. Study shows that about 50 percent population in United States suffering from this condition and this is very common problem among all Americans.

The virus gets in your body through your mucus membrane. Once its virus enters in your body then you can’t get rid of this condition ever. Symptoms of this condition are pain, itching, small red bumps and tiny white blisters, ulcers and scabs. Ulcer may make it painful to urinate. You also may experience pain and tenderness in your genital area until the infection clear. You can spread the infection by touching a sore and then rubbing and scratching other parts of the body including your eyes. Usually people use antivirals to clear the symptoms and in some cases it cures the outbreaks, but, using antivirals is not a perfect solution.

Antivirals cannot cure your symptoms and it cannot stop the spread of this virus to others. Before you take any medicine always try to consult with your doctor. I know, sharing personal details with someone is quite embarrassing but if you want to stay less painful life, you have to do this. By the way, I have a great option to treat herpes outbreaks at home without telling anybody that you have this disease. Natural treatment yes, natural treat is one of the best ways by which you can control your symptoms at home. Here are some natural remedies to cure herpes outbreaks.

1. Lemon balm leavesLemon balm for herpesLemon balm is an effective herbal remedy for genital herpes and by using this you can actually control your symptoms. Lemon balm contains lots of properties; some of them are anti –viral, anti-septic and anti-bacterial. This herb is very effectively works to reduce symptoms like stress which is associated with herpes outbreaks. Lemon balm tea is the perfect way to treat outbreaks. To use this you need to boil some leaves in one cup of water. After boiling keep this in a refrigerator to cool down. After cooling, wash your affected area with this decoction. Try this method two times in a day for few weeks. Read more to get details about the benefits of lemon balm for herpes.

2. Aloe veraaloe vera for herpesCan Aloe vera cure herpes? Aloe vera is a very common ingredient which can easily found in everyone’s home or if you want you can grow this plant in your backyard. Aloe vera is known for its healing properties. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which can treat herpes sores effectively. You can buy aloe vera gel form any general store or take one leaf of aloe vera and cut in 2 parts. Apply its gelled part on your troubled area two times in day for three to four weeks or until you see improvement.

3. Apple cider vinegarapple cider vinegar for herpesACV is worth treating herpes outbreaks according to studies apple cider vinegar has no side effects. There are very few studies are present that explain the effects of ACV in herpes. Apple cider vinegar has been used to treat various kinds of skin infections since thousands of years. If you apply this vinegar directly on your blisters, it can reduce itching and inflammation instantly. The acidic nature of apple cider vinegar helps in maintaining the skin’s natural PH and making it hard for the virus to attack and cause herpes.

4. Ice compressice pack for herpesCold compress is one of the easiest ways to cure itching and pain which are caused by genital herpes. The cold temperature helps contract with blood vessels beneath the skin, which in turn reduce the pain and inflammation. It also helps to shrink the size of the sores to accelerate healing process. Wrap some ice cubes in a thin towel and apply it directly on your affected area of the skin.

The herpes virus stays in your body once contacted, it is very important to keep the virus in an inactive or dormant stat to prevent outbreaks. There is no cure for this condition but still there are some medicines which can give you relief from pain and discomfort during every outbreak. If you have contacted the virus, it is very essential to take precautions to prevent the outbreaks and reduce the chances of pain and damage of the skin. Natural remedies are perfect way to cure herpes outbreaks because it helps to prevent the outbreaks while healing them in a mild way.

In the end we would like to tell you about a certain research on the effectiveness of ayurvedic medicines and herbs on Ayurveda. There has been lots of speculation. This new herpes treatment is being seen a hope for herpes patients. You can find more about this new herpes cure online.

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