Lemon Balm Herpes remedies

Herpes Infection and Lemon Balm

How herpes is a Global threat?

Herpes is an infection that is caused by a family of virus. There are two viruses in this family that affects different part of your body. Each virus has its distinct body part that it’s usually attacks. This virus is common across the world and almost 70-85 % people of the world have been affected by this virus. There is no specific age limit for this virus. Any and everyone in this world are at risk of getting this virus. So thinking that it can’t affect a toddler or adolescence or an old man can be misconception. There are two types of virus that we are going to discuss Couple in Bedabout. Type one virus that is also called by Herpes Simplex Virus 1 and also abbreviated as HSV-1 is a type of virus that mainly affects your mouth and its surrounding area but it can also affect other body parts. Outbreak of this virus happens when you share utensils with  a contaminated person, if you kiss each other, sharing contaminated stuffs like lip balm, lipstick etc. Symptoms of this virus are cold sores, painful blisters and lesions on mouth and you might feel unwell. Another kind of virus is called Herpes Simplex Virus 2 also abbreviated as HSV-2. This virus generally affects your genitals or reproductive part of the body. Outbreaks of this virus occur when you will have unprotected sex, having multiple sex partners, being feminine. Symptoms of this virus are redness on infected area, itching, blisters, pain while urination and temperature. But, what about cure? Yes, nature has already given us solution, i.e. lemon balm for herpes.

How Herpes Lemon Balm Cure can work efficiently for you?

When it comes to herpes treatment, there is no known cure available for this virus but there are some medications as well as home remedies that help curing this virus. Today we will talk about one of those home remedies that can be Panacea for herpes infection. Lemon balm is an everlasting potent herb that comes from mint family. Its lemon like scent helped keeping its name. This is a type of herb that can easily grow at home and not only it pure the air but even it attracts bees. Lemon balm is popular and effective herpes treatment option for the infection. It helps curing both type of herpes virus. In a study of 116 infected people it has been shown that those who applied lemon lemon balm for herpesbalm on cold sores and lesions are responded well to lemon balm for herpes treatment. It helped them a lot with their herpes infection. It is blessed with many attributes that help cure herpes virus. It consists of number of anti-viral attributes that cure this herpes virus in no time. It is also said to have stress reducing attribute that helps in fighting with herpes related stress. A study of The University of Maryland Medical Center reported that the patients in three hospitals and one dermatology clinic found that when lemon balm was used to treat the initial HSV I infection then not a single recurrence was noted. To use lemon balm for the treatment of herpes, you can have a cup of lemon balm tea every day in order to fight with herpes infection. You can also directly apply lemon balm’s extracted leaves on your cold sores and lesions to get the best out of it. Therefore it has been proved in many studies that nothing can be best when it comes to the treatment of herpes infection and you can even get rid of herpes by using lemon balm for herpes cure. So if you are having herpes then you should surely try this treatment option that can be very soothing for your skin and herpes infection.

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